Transport Co suspends inter-provincial bus services

n response to the 10pm-4am nationwide curfew, Transport Co has announced that it will stop all inter-provincial bus services as of Friday (April 3) until further notice. The company said lockdowns announced in different provinces and social-distancing measures were making it difficult to operate.

Hence, the company has called on people who have already purchased tickets in advance to either apply for a refund or postpone their trip via the company’s website,, from April 5 onwards. However, the company said that goods transportation services are still available from 5am to 9.30pm daily.

Most affiliated bus companies have also stopped provide services, though some are still operating for people who need to get to work or see the doctor. Trips of more than 300 kilometres will be available between 5am and 11am, while trips of less than 300km will be available between 5am and 4pm.

Overall, bus passengers have dropped by 90 per cent and are expected to reduce further because the government is encouraging people to work from home. This has resulted in less than 10 per cent of vehicles running in the inter-provincial public transportation system.