Khon Kaen prepares safety measures as companies prepare to reopen


Khon Kaen’s private sector is putting in place health safety measures as businesses prepare to reopen now that the state of emergency is set to end on April 30, said Kamolpong Sanguantrakul, chairman of the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce. 

He explained that if preparations were not made in advance, business reopening could lead to new infections, causing lockdown again. 

Kamolpong added that the first few businesses to be reopened will be eateries, retail shops and department stores because it is easy to impose social-distancing measures in these venues. 

Businesses that require close contact, such as hair salons, massage spas or beauty clinics, must upgrade their safety measures first before they can resume operation. 

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, no Khon Kaen-based business has closed or mass layoffs, he said, adding that only some companies have cut workers ’ salaries. 

Many businesses in the country are hoping that the government will relax some restrictions to give them breathing space as they have been hit badly by the outbreak.