First confirmed bird flu this year in Rayong and Phitsanulok


Thailand confirmed Thursday its first outbreaks this year of the H5N1 bird flu virus strain which is deadly to humans, forcing authorities to announced nationwide high alert.

The announcement that bird flu had been found in Rayong and Phitsanulok provinces following recent Vietnam’s sixth human death in the past three weeks from the H5N1 bird flu virus.

Local scientists found the virus in 20 fighting cocks in Rayong, Yukol Limlamthong, director general of Livestock Development Department said.

Tests confirmed on January 10 that some 20 fighting cocks in two houses were infected, Yukol added.

The 20 infected chickens were all found in Klang district and have already been killed, he said.

A second outbreak was confirmed in Phitsanulok, where 50 locally bred chickens were confirmed to have the disease on January 17, 2005, Yukol said.

Both districts where bird flu was found are under a 21-day surveillance period, which means no moving of chickens out from the area is allowed, Yukol said.

Published on Jan 20 , 2005

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